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1KTown: A New Korean Gastrobar With A New York Twist

We are always on the hunt to cover the latest bar news in town and this time we’re taking it all the way up to 1KTown, the first Korean Gastrobar with a New York twist in Malaysia. Yes! you heard that right, K-pop and New York culture are merging in one place, on one plate!  Located at The Roof in First Avenue, Bandar Utama. 1KTown is not one to miss, the vibrant colors of the place and the lively music will lure in for an unforgettable night out.

1KTown is very spacious with three seating areas: a center section, seats by the bar and a line of huge red leather booths for big groups. There’s also a balcony with a 180 view of the city so you can enjoy KL’s beautiful Skyline right from your table. 

It’s astonishing how smoothly both cultures are represented in the decoration of the place; as you look around you’ll definitely spot the subtle hints, the NY street signs, the colorful neon lights and the floral Korean lanterns lighting up the space there’s also a huge picture of New York city peeking behind a traditional Korean pattern in a frame. A not too subtle hint would be: the picture of the Korean artist PSY! 1KTown is made for all kinds of events, there’s a big stage with a complete sound system, colorful lighting all around and a huge LED panel across the wall behind the bar.

Now to the best part: The exquisite menu.
At 1KTown you are in for a sizzling treat, a flavorful journey to two of the most admirable places on the planet. Just imagine the vibrant and flavorful Korean cuisine enhanced by New York’s unmistakable boldness. From mouth watering K-Chicken Wings to delicious burgers their expert chefs are determined to present you with the best of both worlds crafting blends that will have you set flight. There are many delicious options from their signature Korean BBQ -the heart of their menu- whether it’s savory beef bulgogi or tender chicken, it’s a journey you want to embark on.

Besides the grilled greatness you’ll find a selection of traditional Korean side dishes that are perfect to accompany your juicy grilled meal. Their side dishes feature some of Korea’s best, like the tongue-tingling Kimchi, the warm steamed rice and the sour and tangy taste of pickled vegetables offering you a colorful palate to enhance your meal. A perfect example is their innovative Kimchi Pancake, a savory dish with the Kimchi zing. You can also enjoy a crafted sharing platter offering you a mix of their best.

At the bar you’ll find a wide menu of Korean drinks, from the popular Korean spirit Soju to the traditional rice wine Makgeolli and of course, the infamous Korean beer. Many cocktails await you to relish and enjoy all curated by their experienced bartender like, the sweet and refreshing, Passion Fruit Soju or the spicy Kimchi Shots to name a few. If you can’t decide between their delightful concoctions, the friendly staff at 1KTown is there to guide you offering recommendations that pair best with your Korean dinner.

1KTown at The Roof is the place for all. Offering delicious food and refreshing drinks for you to enjoy. Live music and lively vibes await you in an enchanting place bringing two worlds together in every aspect.

Address: The Roof, Sky Level, First Avenue, Bandar Utama, KL, Malaysia.
Open daily 3:30pm – 12am
Contact: +60197353241
Instagram: @1Ktown_TheRoof

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