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An Afternoon With Luca and Chef JJay

Earlier in October, Luca honored us to attend their new Hi-Tea menu reveal and try it ourselves. Luca by The Olive Tree Group located in Bangsar is known for their unique fusion of European meets Northern Indian dishes. The all-day opened its doors only in February 2022 is divided into three different areas if you’re either in the mood for an intimate dining, a casual good time at the bar or enjoy the breeze at the al fresco area.

Dining Area
Bar Area
Al Fresco Area

They came up with the Hi-Tea menu to offer their customers around Bangsar who are seeking for light bites during 3-6pm as their regulars did also ask if they could prepare something very easy to eat that goes well with coffee and tea. While creating the menu they also needed to stick to their concept that is European- Northern Indian fusion hence the unique one of a kind hi-tea menu with the  blend of concept and spices.

Hi- Tea Set

The Hi-Tea tower set consists of delicious creamy panna cotta, tiramisu, petit cheesecake, cookies, tikka sandwich, prawn and squid roll as well as their pocket pie that you can choose between lamb and chicken. Accompanied with your choice of coffee, tea or juice at only RM88. Perfect sharing for two.

Bread and Chips Platter

The bread and chips platter is the perfect snack for those who enjoy munching on snacks that crunch. The blandness is perfectly paired with the cheesy asparagus and spinach dip, olives, vinaigrette and balsamic oil.  

Chef JJay torches the Butter of Gods into the Premium Grass Fed Tomahawk

That afternoon not only did we get to try their amazing Hi-Tea menu, we also got the opportunity to have The Olive Tree Group’s Executive Chef, Chef Jjay, who prepared their Premium Grass Fed Tomahawk live for us and explain to us why their special butter is named the “Butter of Gods”. The butter was made from cured egg yolk together with roasted bone marrow, butter, parsley, garlic & chili flakes is what gives umami flavor to the tomahawk as well as a richness and creaminess from the bone marrow and cured egg yolk

Premium Grass Fed Tomahawk and the sides served.

The premium Grass Fed Tomahawk is served with crispy duck fat potatoes, charred broccoli, caramelized miso carrots and creamy corn. The perfect combination that steak lovers would enjoy.

The Olive Tree Group’s Executive Chef, Chef Jjay

Fazil Shahreen Ahmad or more commonly known as Chef Jjay has a total of more than 20 years experience in the industry. After graduating from the National Youth Skills Institute in Culinary Preparation Certification, he brushed up his professional skills as a Commis chef at the Palace of Golden Horses for six years before working in other restaurant chains in Kuala Lumpur that is Le Noir, Cinnamon Group to name a few. Refined combinations, mixtures and fusions cuisines being his forte as he has learned various types of world cuisines. We asked him after the pandemic what changes (good and bad)  did he notice in the industry and optimistically he answers, “As u can see, our F&B scene recently is blooming.

New brands and outlets are popping up everywhere. It can be good and bad as well, as it can give us a healthy competition. The only bad is market share is shrinking due to many competitors, and there are shops and businesses closing down too after failing to fight in the market, but we take it as a motivation to do more and offer what’s best for our customers to stay relevant in market.”

Finally we asked Jjay what does he want to see more and hope for the F&B industry and he says “I hope to see more exciting menus, creations, whatever it is to liven up our F&B scene as I am a consumer as well. The more excitement we can offer to the customers, I believe the more successful our industry will be. To all F&B providers, let’s refine whatever we have now, maintain good quality, and provide the best to the customers.”

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