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Basic Wine Store: The Ultimate Wine Experience Made Personal.

Wine being a celebratory drink and food being the glue that brings family and friends together, Basic Wine Store is bringing the beauty of celebration and the warmth of sharing into our daily life.
Located in Arcoris, Mont Kiara, Basic Wine Store  is the neighborhood’s treasure and everyone’s personal wine bar.

Easy to spot with the hard-to-miss Bordeaux sign, the woody and very welcoming look about the place, the aesthetically placed bottles of wines that add a natural touch to the overall décor -it screams out cozy!
It’s a recreational atmospheric experience for you to enjoy!

Basic Wine Store holds an independent identity and carries a collection of 150 bottles from 30 different independent producers embracing the latter and shedding light on tasty small-batch wines with a goal to make wine more approachable and create a new tradition for everyone.

Being a place that values family and friends, most of their menu options are meant for sharing -after all sharing is caring. Their cuisine is excellently European and I must say very healthy too! Every dish is made with the freshest ingredients right from their kitchen.
Some of their delicious servings are the (Ricotta Spread, Beetroot & Parsley), the (Oeuf Mayonnaise, Anchovies) and the (Lardo, Charred Red Peppers). In addition to a variety of premium tinned foods like Garfish in Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Portugal and they also serve freshly baked sourdough from their very own bakery.
Every dish on their menu is wine-pairable!

Their wine menu is simply every bottle you see displayed. Many red and white options to choose from but worry not, their knowledgeable and experienced team of staff is there to guide you and recommend the perfect bottle for your meal. And they’re more than happy to relay the beautiful stories of the origins of every manufacturer, uplifting your wine experience and making it all the more personal. 
There are options for non-alcoholic beverages too, like their refreshing bottles of Sparkling Tea!

Basic Wine Store embraces individuality and is a place that truly brings forward the craftsmanship of every winemaker. A passionate team that will make you feel at home and take you on a journey of wine exploration. Delicious and healthy food options perfect for a family or friends get-together. It truly is the ultimate dining experience.

Treat yourself for a glass of fancy wine on a casual day or have an elegant yet cozy get together with friends and family! It’s all made possible at Basic Wine Store.

Outlet Details
Address: Lot 13A, Ground Floor, Arcoris, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Closed on Tuesdays

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