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Her House: Top Cocktail Menu of the Year 2022

A walk up the narrow vintage shop floor, still rich in historical scent just a few doors away from a classic Chinese fortune teller, stood a classic metal door that opens to a trippy entryway mirrored walls lined with neon lights that change color from time to time. It is also where most customers stop…

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AMATERAS Skylounge : The Sun Goddess from Japan to the World

 AMATERAS comes from the name “Amaterasu” which is the Sun Goddess in Japanese mythology which is said to have the power of fulfilling all wishes. Established in 2018, AMATERAS is a nightwear brand that has grown its audience organically within and outside of Japan. Famous for their alluring, sexy silk signature kimono robes and pieces…

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An Afternoon With Luca and Chef JJay

Earlier in October, Luca honored us to attend their new Hi-Tea menu reveal and try it ourselves. Luca by The Olive Tree Group located in Bangsar is known for their unique fusion of European meets Northern Indian dishes. The all-day opened its doors only in February 2022 is divided into three different areas if you’re…

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Panggung KL – A Theatrical Experience

The architecture and frame work was inspired by The Madras Cinema located in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown (Madras Lane) which was one of the earliest movie house in Kuala Lumpur. It was ran by the Shaw Brothers and was burnt down in 1978. With a little history behind the three-storey structure, Panggung’s vision is to reinvent…

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The Estate – History in the City Turned Contemporary Venue.

Just right off Jalan Damansara, up a little hill, stands this majestic colonial mansion called The Estate on Federal Hill. Built in the early 1900s, this beautiful 30,000 sq. ft. building used to be a residence owned by a French company called Socfin Group - or Société Financière des Caoutchoucs - a development and management…

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How to Order a Steak at a Restaurant like a Steak Connoisseur.

Ordering a steak at a restaurant isn’t actually rocket science; you simply choose a cut that you always preferred. However do you know exactly what kind of meat you get from the part you always like? Or how you preferred it cooked is exactly the way that particular part is enjoyed? Types of Parts: Filet…

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