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BWOT x Malaysia’s Top 30 Bars on Sustainability

Bar World of Tomorrow is an initiative that was created in mind of training bartenders with sustainable and responsible practices. It is in collaboration with Pernod Ricard, Trash Collective, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Malaysia’s Top 30 Bars bartenders have attended the Masterclass on Sustainability this week with guest speaker Angel Ng, owner of Triptyk. 

Angel Ng is a living proof of being the change you want to see in this world. Growing up she wanted to work in waste management and bartending was not part of the plan. She remembered one of her earlier experiences as a little girl witnessing a trash incinerator in action. Now as the owner of Triptyk and a global citizen she implements sustainability in everything that she does.

The Masterclass that was lead by Pernod Ricard’s team and Angel have given insights to Malaysia Top 30’s bartenders. Discussions that took place began with Pernod Ricard’s brands and the new innovations of reducing glass, paper waste and sustainable harvesting. Other topics that were highlighted were responsible service and ice management. The purpose of bringing these issues to light is to create habits of reducing and reusing as a collective and make a positive impact on our planet.

Angel’s bar, Triptyk, is a perfect demonstration of sustainability. A lot of their furniture have been sourced out second hand or even created by materials that are naturally sourced. In their bar operations, they have managed to reduce food waste by creating new garnishes for their cocktails through their citrus peels, creating pickles, jams and even flavored dust.

Angel wants to leave a world that can be enjoyed by our future generations. It just takes one small change and the rest will follow. The concept of community is big when it comes to limiting our food wastage, exchanging produce and holding each other accountable when it comes to recycling and reducing our total carbon footprint.

To wrap up the Masterclass, Angel shared one of her cocktails that was inspired by her childhood visits to A&W and it tasted exactly like a lighter version of root beer. She brought in a jam and fruit leathers created in Triptyk that limited their food wastage.

We are all responsible to play our part in saving our planet, starting with one bar at a time. #barworldoftomorrow #top30bars #malaysiastop30barawards #savetheplanet #pernodricard

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