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Five Hot Speakeasies to visit- Post Pandemic.

Covid-19 has affected the bar industries tremendously but as we transition into the new norm with SOPs provided by the Health Minister to ease business owners to get back on track however as clubs is strictly remain closed the past two years before 1st May 2022, there’s also a significant trend of our partygoers preferring to visit instagrammable aesthetic hidden speakeasies be it for their ambience, cocktails or food on their night outs.

A speakeasy is an unlicensed alcohol establishment started during the prohibition era in the United States back in the 1920s when it was illegal to manufacture and sell alcohol through to 1933. That of course didn’t shop our folks from drinking of course even in dark rooms hidden behind false fronts. Don’t worry! All our speakeasies today is definitely licensed and legal.

Here are the 5 speakeasies that are beautifully decorated, creatively hidden speakeasies that has been the talk of the town and fully booked during the weekends. While some just popped up in the past one year, others has been around even before the pandemic and survived.

The First Chapter

You can only go in when they give you their passcode upon reservation that changes daily, hidden behind a wall of bookshelves which you can also take the book in to read or borrow the books is this dimly lit speakeasy with sections of leather studded sofas and coffee tables that is perfect for an intimate gathering. Don’t miss on asking the experienced bartender to do an omakase cocktail with your favorite alcohol based cause they are so good for a spontaneous mix.

Must Try Drink : Payasam presents a take on the classic Indian dessert. With Crème De Menthe, Crème de Cacao, house-infused coconut cream and Fernet Branca, it tastes just like an After Eight dinner mint.

G String KL

G String KL – nestled in the little tourist attraction of KL’s Chinatown, Kai Chai Hong, possibly the sexiest bar in KL with their neon signs and risqué décor G String KL is perfect for either date night or ladies night out. Ladies definitely can’t resist posing in here for their gram.

Must Try Drink : Bubbles & Panties. We let you be the judge when you try this out. All we can say is you will be blown away.

Alibi KL

This Latin Speakeasy bar’s interior is beautifully curated in dark blue, wooden panels, gold framed paintings and plants is hidden behind what you might think is a walk-in freezer door inside a sandwich and tapas cafe in a heritage building situated in Bukit Tunku. They are famous not only for their cocktails but also their sandwiches that is the pulled beef panini and tapas. If you enjoy Latin or Afro-Beat music while drinking, this could be your new favorite spot.

Must Try Drink : Bella Ciao is a gin based blended fresh raspberries, chilli infused syrup & hint of mint. Perfect for those who enjoy refreshing berry based drinks.

The Deceased KL

Down in Chinatown, just like The First Chapter, you will need the pre-booked passcode into the entry door before you ascend up into a ghoulish vintage Chinese drugstore interior of a bar located on the rooftop of a backpackers hostel. Decorated in horror trinkets like skeletons, ghouls and scary looking dolls even their drinks is Asian horror themed. If you get nightmares after watching a horror you might want to skip this one or live in it for a night.

Must Try Drink : Ouija is light, refreshing and summery concocted from Tieguanying tea-infused gin, grape juice, lemon juice and soda.

Sip Society

Located in Aman Suria PJ, far from your usual drinking spots like Chinatown and TTDI is this beautifully lit autumn colored interior speakeasy bar that focuses on well crafted cocktails, whiskey and wine. If you enjoy electro swing jives or on some days they would have live bands, you might not want to miss this one.

Must Try Drink: The Apocalypes. It contains Rose, Osmanthus, orange blossom, Chrysanthemum, and butterfly pea. Smelling like a floral perfume. The whole point of this drink, is luxury, relaxation, and elegance of times gone by.

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