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Her House: Top Cocktail Menu of the Year 2022

A walk up the narrow vintage shop floor, still rich in historical scent just a few doors away from a classic Chinese fortune teller, stood a classic metal door that opens to a trippy entryway mirrored walls lined with neon lights that change color from time to time. It is also where most customers stop to take mirror selfies for Instagram before figuring out which mirror wall to push open and enter into what used to be an antique store and mahjong cafe turned into a intimate speakeasy dedicated to be women little clubhouse called “Her House” 

  Established in early 2022, the low lighting in the space feels intimate enough for date night but also great for a group of friends who want  to catch up over amazing cocktails. Her House was nominated as one of Malaysia’s Top 30 Bar Awards in the year 2022 not only for the ambience but also for their reputable hospitality gushed by their regulars. Their regulars are not just locals but they also have backpacker tourists staying around ChinaTown as well as working expats that seem to enjoy having a few drinks here after work just to wind down.

Speaking of amazing cocktails, Her House  also bagged the Beefeater : Top Cocktail Menu of the Year award at the gala. If you happen to pay a visit, not only does their menu presented creatively in a lit acrylic board so customers can read the menus well in their dimly lit establishment but the cocktails were creatively curated even paired with Baijiu soaked bacon and vodka washed salmon fats.

“What If” is a cocktail designed for the whisky based lover and those who like their cocktail on the sour side. It consists of red ginseng cognac, rye whisky, soju, winter elixir and orange bitter.

A cocktail designed to sip only after taking a bite from the baijiu soaked pork bacon, “Most Wanted” is a cognac based cocktail with sherry, honey, fresh orange and lemon juice that pairs perfectly with the bacon.

Who would’ve thought there’s such a thing as a cocktail made from salmon fats washed with vodka? That’s “Flirt and Romance” on their signature menu. It is a vodka based cocktail with honey soy ginger glaze, fresh lemon juice and orange juice

The cocktails on the “Her Signature Cocktails” are fairly strong. Therefore, they also created quite the selection of the low abv cocktails for those who aren’t planning on getting drunk by the end of the night or gets tipsy after only one cocktail.

Address: 63 D, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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