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Ivy Yap On Gastro Gurus Podcast: “When it comes to business you just gotta push through”

In this article we’ve added some of the highlights from our interview with Ivy Yap, Co-Founder of Remedy Cocktail Bar. A Team of husband and wife, Jason and Ivy, who work in harmony making their bar a destination of remedy and peace of mind.

Ivy has been paving the path for herself in the industry from bartending and curating her favorite cocktails to now co-founding her own bar. Through our conversation with Ivy, it is very clear that her drive for this business comes from a strong passion and hard work.

Listen to the full interview here.

What was the idea behind Remedy Cocktail Bar?
“The name Remedy came about because we wanted a place where people come in and feel healed, or just slightly better.” she continues “Maybe you had a bad day and by talking to us, to the bartender or your friend that would make you feel better. Maybe it’s our drinks or our playlist, and you walk out feeling better, that is the whole aim of the place.”

Tell us about your menu, what’s your focus?
“We focus on classic cocktails, we include house specials and creative cocktails as well so our bartenders can express their creativity.” she explains the reason why their focus is on Classics because nowadays most Cocktails are modern and curated according to the bar. They want people to know what a cocktail is by offering the original versions, the classics. Ivy says “Cocktails are still blooming in Malaysia. And a lot of people feel kind of intimidated to step into a cocktail bar, you’re somehow expected to have some kind of knowledge.” she continues
“We want to break that barrier and educate customers who’ve never tried cocktails before.”

What’s the inspiration behind the setup and décor of Remedy?
“we want to go back in time.”
Since the inspiration is classic cocktails, the space too is classic, with painted in a vintage crimson color and beautifully decorated with modern and contemporary furniture. A mix of old and new.

What would you say sets Remedy apart from other bars?
“The people” she continues “We want you to feel at home, we want to treat our customers as friends.”

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in the idea of having their own place?
“Do a lot of market research. Without doing enough homework, without the adequate knowledge it will be quite difficult to have the kind of confidence to open a bar. You have to do a lot of research before committing to the idea.”

“When it comes to business you just gotta push through.”

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