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Justin Chong on Gastro Gurus Podcast: “Cocktails Are A Niche Market In Malaysia”

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Justin Chong, Co-Owner of Conti’ Cocktail Bar on our exclusive show Gastro Gurus by A Top 30 Podcast. In this article we share with you some of the highlights from our conversation.

Listen to the full interview here.

A real passion for good cocktails and an enjoyable company are two of the main factors in opening a bar, especially one that specializes in cocktails. Justin and his partners who own Superfluous café at Taman Desa decided to utilize the space in the evenings as well, brining a innovative cocktails and a peaceful night-out destination to the neighborhood in Taman Desa.

Conit’ (with an apostrophe) was named to resemble the Continuation of day and night & Continental for the many cocktails flavors inspired from different parts of the world. The name travels to vast extents as we learn in our conversation with Justin that being in the Food & Beverage industry is too, a continuous learning experience. ‘

Justin says ” Cocktails are a niche market in Malaysia.” He explained how there are many people who have tried their first cocktails that wasn’t right to their taste palate, that’s why in most cases people resort to options that are more consistent in taste like beer and wine. Luckily at Conti’ Justin and his partners have a particular taste making sure every drink is made to perfection recommending the perfect it fit your palate. Bringing in quality bottles and renewing their menu every quarter are also some of the way they keep things fresh and interesting. Whereas the atmosphere is suitable for conversations and friends get-togethers away from party-like vibes. 

Many agree that Staffing is quite the challenge in the bar industry “Most youngsters don’t want to work nights and weekends” says Justin, and in the first weeks of opening he and his partners would take turns to go behind the bar and curated their refreshing cocktails.

Is passion really a game-changer? Justin points out that to do anything in life, regardless the industry, you need to have passion, a drive. He says, “Having passion in making drinks and passion in making money is still passion”

And if you want to know what Justin’s favorite drink is, well it’s the bestseller off of Conti’s Menu: “Sesame Street“

Sesame Street

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