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KOKOMO: A Tropical Bar in Sri Hartamas

Bringing beach vibes into the city KOKOMO bar has taken nightlife to a whole new level. Inspired by The Beach Boys they’ve successfully turned their bar into a true tropical haven, an escape from the work world and the panicky side of life with their thoughtful drinks menu, beautiful setting and music that would definitely fly you to the beach to get away from it all! And as The Beach Boys say: “Oh Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”

Driven by the kind of music that sets the right tone for celebration KOKOMO allows you to let loose and groove along and just be truly present in the moment. Weekdays are not only for work but for reflecting too and they take that very seriously offering you a happy hour (1 for 1 cocktails) from 5pm-9pm daily. On weekends ,however, the place switches to Party Mode and it gets busier than usual at night so making a reservation is highly recommended. 

Not only does the place pours out tropical vibes but it goes deeper to the essence of their menu where local tropical ingredients are skillfully infused in every drink bringing you a wide variety of handcrafted concoctions to relish and enjoy under the starry sky.
Malaysian spices and aromatics like, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Ginger & Curry Leaves are beautifully highlighted in their fresh cocktails like: Golden Hour, Mandarin Curry and KOKOMO Gimlet to name a few.

It’s worthy of mentioning that the reason behind the freshness of their every drink is that all of their syrups and cocktail preparations are in fact made fresh daily by their experienced team.

Intricate, precise and creative is their style of mixology, bartenders at KOKOMO pour their focus into every drink with brand new combinations, enhanced flavors and unique presentations all of course while using the finest artisanal spirits mixed with seasonal ingredients with clever techniques. 

Their team has true passion for the history of classic cocktails. At KOKOMO every sip is crafted to a tropical perfection.

Outlet details:
Monday – Thursday : 5pm – 1am
Friday & Saturday:  6pm – late
Sunday: Closed
Contact details: 017 388 3258
Location: 27, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7, Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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