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Prema Veerasingam On Gastro Gurus Podcast: “Don’t Be Afraid To Start All Over Again”

Meeting the operators behind the vibrant bars and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur is differently one of our favorite things. In this article we share with you some of the highlights from our conversation with our guest,  Prema Veerasingam. Founder & Director of Elli Rocks

Listen to the full interview here.

Prior to getting into the Food & Beverage industry. Prema has been in the corporate world for 20 years. She then wanted to embark on her own adventure and doing something she realized is a big passion of hers which lead to creating Elli Rocks TTDI in 2018 and later opening Elli Rocks in Damansara Heights.

Elli Rocks @ Damansara Heights

What was your inspiration behind Elli Rocks?
“I’m a people’s person” says Prema, And the inspiration came from wanting to create an avenue for everyone to come together and socialize. As Prema would put it: “Elli rock is your neighborhood’s cheers where everybody knows your name.” 

How important is customer service to you and how is the relationship with customers?
Prema explains: “We take a personal approach to every customer that walks into Elli Rocks.” Offering a unique friendly experience and taking all feedback seriously to continuously work and improve ensuring a satisfactory experience to every customer.”
Prema says their motto is:  “Come as a customer. Leave as a friend”

What methods do you adapt to keep your menu updated?
“At Elli Rocks we love to experiment and innovate. Our menu undergoes regular refreshments integrating new techniques and cultural influences. Perhaps which earned us the Top 30 Bars Award and the best fusion cuisine restaurant in Malaysia.”

Picture by EDKL

What would you say were your biggest challenges when starting in the FnB industry?
“One of the biggest changes I realize being in FnB for 5 years is Resources & Manpower.” Second challenge is “Obtaining business licenses and permits” 

What advice would you like to an aspiring bar owner?
“Don’t get into it unless you have the passion because your view as a customer on FnB is totally different from your view as an operator”

Do you have a favorite quote?
Something Prema keeps close to heart and mind is this quote: “Don’t be afraid to start all over again because this time you’re not starting from scratch. You’re starting from experience.”

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