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Puteh – Malaysia’s Top30 Beach Bar of the Year 2022

Winning the award single handedly not because it is probably being the only highly visited beach bar along the East Coast of Malaysia especially through the pandemic where traveling to Bali for beach bar lovers were restricted from, Puteh Beach Bar promises you more than just that.

 Located on the beach of Adena Beach Resort sitting pretty bringing you Santorini vibes in all its white glory pavilion frames, tables and chairs with a hint of turquoise pillows and masked with a hint of sheer curtains that blows along the sea breeze is your best bet to have a short three hours drive away escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Not only winning from ambience alone, Puteh’s very own experienced bartender Sham is known to make the best cocktails you could get at any beach bar. The Margaritas is as strong and delicious as the Pina Colada is fresh and very well presented served in a pineapple shell.

Even with as simple as their margherita pizza – the right amount of delicious cheese and tomato on perfectly thin crust, we especially love what supposed to be their signature recipe Puteh wings that comes in Asian flavors of Madras which is made from curry powder and dried chili and for the spicy lovers – Chili Padi and for seafood lovers, you definitely don’t want to miss out in trying their amazing creamy butter prawns – that goes perfectly well with their homemade garlic toast that we actually cleaned out every drop of gravy from the plate.

Besides their exceptional customer service, not only you can bask in the intoxicating buzz at Puteh as you dance to the hypnotic beats with a cocktail in hand, on weekends you will be entertained by spectacular fire show by the beach that will leave you mesmerized from the dancing fire illuminating the pitch black darkness of the seaside night.

2022 is not just exceptionally a special year for Puteh’s team for being awarded Malaysia’s Top 30 Bar Awards and Malaysia’s Top Beach Bar of the Year, they also recently celebrated their 3 Years Anniversary. On account of surviving through the Pandemic and coming out strong, it’s no surprise they also threw a three day all-white massive celebration where everyone from the industry traveled down to celebrate the occassion. The celebration took place right when most restrictions for gatherings were lifted making the event the first biggest beach party after the pandemic.

From the beachside, Puteh takes Santorini to the sky in the historic city of Malacca

With all the celebrations they had this year, Puteh also expanded their concept to the sky with their newly opened rooftop bar. Not just wanting to bring the Santorini ambience to the sky, located on top of Eco Tree Hotel of Malacca with 360 degrees panoramic view of the sky line and the Straits of Malacca.

Sky deck area.
Private Lounge

Completed with an open sky pool surrounded by their signature splash of turquoise lounge chairs and ample of white bench sittings, open air space to enjoy the view and private lounge for cigars lover and intimate meetings making it also the first rooftop bar in the historic city.

Since opening their doors during the Merdeka eve weekend, Puteh Rooftop had been throwing amazing parties every other weekend that everyone from the city traveled especially to party, making them the top rated most happening bar in Malacca in the span of less than three months. 

For Reservations:

Puteh Beach Bar Kuantan
Address: Lot 1260, Sungai Karang, Mukim, 26100 Kuantan, Pahang
Contact: +6017 774 1097
Puteh Rooftop Melaka
Address: Eco Tree Hotel, 1, Jalan Melaka Raya 9, Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Melaka
Contact: +6012 966 7057

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