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Surviving the Tiger’s Den: An Immersive Experience

Located in Pavilion Bukit Jalil is the new Tiger Den immersive experience. They give you a passport booklet where you collect stamps through the different exhibition halls and you can redeem your free beers at the end. 

There are six zones to visit and it begins with the Heritage Street. You are transported back to Old Malaya. The first hall showcases old Tiger posters on the walls, the debut publication, and replicas of old shop lots. You can take pictures at a vintage barber shop, medicine hall, news stand, kopitiam and the street itself. It gives the background history of Tiger’s impact on Malaysia’s drinking culture.

Moving forward, you enter what looks like the Tiger Brewery. You use a travelator to pass through like one of the beer bottles in the factory! Up next was a virtual display where you can brew your own Tiger Beer. This specific room has a nostalgia factor of entering a science museum and interacting with the technology around. 

You enter the Ar-ffiti Street which is a room filled with artwork done by global artists. It’s not what it seems at first. Displayed were massive prints of art and it doesn’t stop there. You are able to scan a code and bring the artwork to life. By doing so you’ve activated the AR filters on Instagram to see the animated version.

Tiger Beer had many collaborations with artists and street fashion. The Hype Street displays an array of street fashion from their local campaigns. Skateboard decks and street wear were showcased. This is where you can purchase one of a kind designs from sneaker artist Edmond Looi. There were only 18 unique pairs available.

The last immersive experience is the Crystal Cold Room where you can redeem your first beer! You and a friend get to pour a little bit of your beer into the vat and witness the virtual beer mug fill to the brim. Lastly, you enter the Tiger Bar where you can unwind with your friends and enjoy your Tiger Beers. What a nice treat after surviving the Tiger’s Den!

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